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We Provide Wide Range Of Products


Passenger Elevators

Passenger Elevators are our top of the line elevators with rated speed ranging from 0.5 m/s to 4 m/s. They are generally customizable according to clients taste and are installed in high rise residential towers or offices and also in small residential bunglows to Hospitals and Schools. With a wide range of Machine Room and Machine Room Less or hydraulic models to choose from.

Counting Boxes

Goods Elevator 

Goods Elevators are installed in industries and warehouses for movement of goods on different levels. These lifts are slow as compared to passenger elevators as these are high capacity elevators ranging from 1.5 Tons to 2.0 Tons. Our Goods Lifts are generally designed according to customers requirements with respect to their product size to be moved 

Car inside a Garage

Automobile Elevators 

Auto Mobile Elevators are generally high capacity elevators like goods elevators. Unlike Goods elevators these type of elevators are used to move cars and suv's in a multistorey  parking space of a building. This Category also involves stack parking with various configurations including 2 level, 3 level dependent parking or shuffle parking according to clients requirements.

Stair chair lift

Chair Lift

Chair Lifts as its name suggests is a chair which is installed on stairs of homes or offices where in physically challenged or elderly person can move up/down the stairs without requiring an elevator. This product is a completely imported product, but its more cost effective solution where elevators are not available


Montanari Elevator Machine Manufacturer From Italy
Fermator Elevator Door Manufacturer from Spain
Arkel Control Panel Manufacturer from Turkey
Wittur Elevator Door Manufacturer from Germany
Monarch Elevator Controller Manufacturer from China
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